Why don't you ship to my country?

We are so grateful, and frankly amazed, to have a number of MaxFun fans outside the US. The regulations for selling internationally are a lot for our small business to manage right now, so unfortunately we cannot offer sales to all locations at the moment. We are working on solutions and alternatives and hope to be able to offer this in the future! (If you happen to be an expert in this sort of stuff, and you want to help us figure this out, please email us at shop@maximumfun.org.) Thanks for understanding!

Confidential to UK shoppers: Visit the Beef and Dairy Network Podcast UK store

How can I track my package?

After your order has been processed you'll receive an email from shop@maximumfun.org that has all of your tracking information. If you can't find it, make sure to check your spam folder!

Can I get a refund if I ordered the wrong item or wrong size?

Products are printed on demand, so we can't offer returns or exchanges for size or fit. Please look carefully at the size charts before making a purchase, as sizing varies on different brands and items. When in doubt, size up! Here is a link to our refund policy if you'd like to check it out.

An item I want is not in stock. Whyyyyyyyy?

Different product blanks have more limited quantities than others. It's possible that the item you want is out of stock in the color you first looked at, but is available in other colors for that product. If you're not too worried about the color, check out the old mainstays like navy, black, grey, and white. Those are usually in stock! 

There's also a good chance the item will be restocked eventually. So if your heart is set on one specific thing, check back in a little while.

If an item is just fully out of stock, we try to take that down from the store. So if you see that happening, please feel free to email us at shop@maximumfun.org if you have the time and interest in helping us out. Thanks!


The item I was sent is defective in some way. How do I get a refund?

Please visit our refund policy for full instructions on how to return an item that is defective. And in case you're like 'eh, I'll check that out later,' note that any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 4 weeks after the product has been received. For packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted no later than 4 weeks after the estimated delivery date. So don't wait too long to go get the details and get started!


Any tips on making sure I order the right size?

Sure! Each brand and product is different. We've included size charts for every item that's wearable (with the exception of things like hats, which are "one-size-fits-all" or, at the very least, one-size-fits-most).

If you aren't sure how to measure yourself, here's what you can do:

Find a similar item you already own–one that fits comfortably–and take the measurements of that item as it they are shown in the size chart. For T-shirts, the size chart will usually show the width and length. So you can lay your own shirt down flat and take those measurements. Then just look for the size in the chart that corresponds closely to those numbers. (When doing this, keep in mind that different products have varying amounts of stretch, so try to use an item that's got a similar fabric makeup.)

Products are more likely to run small, so if you've looked at the size chart carefully, measured yourself or a similar item, and still aren't quite sure, it's safest to size up.


How do I get member-exclusive merch?

Some items are specially made just for folks who support Maximum Fun shows with an ongoing monthly membership (thank you, members!). We usually have something available in the store year-round, but we also occasionally do limited-run pre-orders. In that situation, the item is available to purchase for a set period of time, then we stop selling that item and produce only the amount that was pre-ordered. Follow us on social media (@maxfunhq) or subscribe to our newsletter (maximumfun.org/newsletter) to keep up-to-date on when those sales happen.

If you're already a member, you can access member-exclusive merch through your membership dashboard. To get to that, follow the instructions at maximumfun.org/manage to get your Magic Link. That link will take you to your dashboard, where you'll see a button for member-exclusive merch, as well as information on how to customize your Bonus Content or make other changes to your membership. Tap that merch button and it'll take you to the member-exclusive version of the store.

If you're not a member yet and would like to become one, sign up at maximumfun.org/join for just $5/month.